You can view some of the embroideries we have created via our blog. Please feel free to email via our contact page or enter order details via our orders page.

My interest in sewing began as a very young girl, first learning from my mother but soon taking great pleasure in not only making dresses for dolls but true replicas of period costumes. This was the beginning of understanding the structure of evening and bridal gowns and the suitability of certain types of materials for particular styles.  I started my own business dressmaking. While running my own store in Darwin,  I had students from the University and TAFE with me for Work Experience. I also entered designs in the annual Fashion awards.

In the 1990’s I was asked to make a church robe.   Since then, the requests for Church robes and banners increased to the point that this is now the bulk of my work. I enjoy the design phases as much as the practical aspects of dressmaking. I believe that for church vestments, each person can be part of the design process. They are able to express their personal faith in the design. This has also allowed me to include my artistic interests by occasionally using paints, as well as free hand embroidery and applique as part of the overall design.

You will see by the work shown on this website that it is possible to incorporate many techniques in expressing the faith of the person and their desire to honour God through the vestments they wear.  I hope you will be inspired to move beyond a factory made set to something unique.

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